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Technical Excellence and Profound Education

Egypt has 26 Universities that graduate thousands of professional calibers each year with 6 Multi-Lingual Universities (American, British, German, French, and Russian) that support the market with suitable native speaking IT professionals of these languages. Egypt supports Middle Eastern, African, and North American markets with highly experienced professionals in the IT industry.

Competitive Rates

One of the main advantages of Outsourcing to Egypt is reasonable project costs. Top Egyptian software houses, such as ITIS has continuously offered rates more competitive than those of Russia or India or Ukraine, let alone EU or the USA.

Cultural Proximity

Because of the strong business relations between Egypt and Europe and USA, Egypt understands the European and American Culture, thus we speak one cultural language with clients from EU, USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Egyptian companies adhere to the same standards and business ethics. It should not be underestimated, because cultural proximity is important in building trust and understanding between partners.

Favorable Geographical Location and Time Difference

Egypt is located in the geographical centre of the world with time zone +2 GM, Time difference with Europe is 1-2 hours, with Gulf countries is 1-2 hours, with African countries 1-2 hours, with the USA it is 7 hours. Although the difference with the USA might seem large, it is compensated by serious players with ease: for example, at Outsource Heroes our working schedules are adjusted to our clients' time zones to have maximum overlapping hours. This makes overnight turnaround possible.

Governmental Support

The Egyptian government understood the importance and the competitive advantage that the Egyptian market has, thus it totally supports the IT industry and facilitates all what is needed to develop this industry. The Egyptian government has established the Smart Village to become the Middle East Center of Information Technology.

Well recognized Information technology skills.

Reliable satellite and submarine communication links facilitate good broadband connectivity with the rest of the world.

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