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System and network administration

. It is not unusual for a network administrator to be consulted when upgrades in hardware or software are required to create a new network or enhance an existing one.


      - The typical computer network administrator will possess some type of higher degree connected with Information Systems and Computer Science. In addition, the administrator is often trained on the function of specific hardware or software that is included as part of the network. This makes it possible for the network admin to quickly master any new additions to the network or even build a network from scratch.


      - In order to carry out his or her responsibilities, the network administrator will have master access credentials that allow the admin to interact with any function within the system. This means network admins can handle processes such as the creation of network addresses, the assignment of routing protocols, configure routing tables, and establish any type of security measures necessary to protect the network. Typically, the credentials of the network administrator override all other access privileges enjoyed by others in the organization, allowing the admin to troubleshoot when there is a need to monitor activity of a specific user or change access protocols for any reason.


Why system and network administrator ?

  • Optimize your current IT infrastructure.
  • Minimize downtime or servers/work stations/applications.
  • Regular backup.
  • Centralize your user database.
  • Provide delegation of administration.
  • Provide a flexible mechanism for managing enterprise objects and accounts.
  • Provide ease of administration of access control list.
  • Provide replication of the active directory file trees.
  • Improve security by minimizing access to only authorized users.
  • Optimize Internet connectivity and reduce costs.
  • Improve system availability.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service
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