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Database administration

  - The key is to find highly paid employees who can be replaced without diminishing the quality of the service that they have been providing.


Remote services need to reduce cost and maintain quality to be justified.

Outsourcing only makes sense if the cost for the service goes down while the quality of the service stays the same or improves. One of the areas that many companies are beginning to outsource is their database management. This is because there are lots of companies, like The DBA Shoppe and other vendors, that provide database administration services for much less money than it costs to have an in-house specialist.


Remote DBA services can reduce costs and increase quality.

In many cases remote DBA services offer superior DBA management at a better price than a hired internal DBA could do. This is because a service provider specializing in this niche will have a staff of highly skill technical people that cover a wide range of expertise. In this post, we will look at the current DBA crisis to help you evaluate if remote DBA services can help.


Good DBA’s are gifted in communications skills as well as technical skills.

Some people feel that DBAs are often prima donnas who feel that they should get much higher salaries along with extra perks such as a private office, flexible hours and expensive training. In all fairness, a good DBA does bring highly needed expertise to the table that other technical people usually don’t have. A qualified DBA is gifted in both oral and written communication along with their other technical skills.

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