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Content management system

Every organization, regardless of size or product/service offering, must take great care in handling their online presence in today’s web centered world.

Your company website is almost always the number one source people refer to when they are interested in learning about your company. However, often companies fail to keep their content up to date or fail to effectively communicate their brand due to the gap between marketers and analysts and those in charge of managing and hosting their online content.

With the right CMS, we can help develop a collaborative system where non-technical staff as well as technical staff can seamlessly interface with the content with the proper publishing privileges as it is set by your organization.

Content management system (CMS) at ITIS covers the entire life cycle of your site, right from the creation through the management, distribution, publishing to archive the information. CMS from ITIS offers you the added advantages to manage the structure of the site, improve the appearance of the existing pages and navigation of then users.


Content Management System (CMS) at ITIS can assist you to boost your sales, improve user satisfaction, and help you in communicating with the public.

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)

Enterprise content management systems (ECMS) at ITIS amalgamate a central content management system with other tools to manage the full range of content that exists within your organization. Though ECMS is a relatively immature area, we have made headway in the right direction with our constant strive for excellence in the field.

The highly skilled professionals at ITIS can help you achieve the complex task of making the content management system (CMS) interoperable with other information systems, within your organization. Information Systems available with ITIS are;

- Document Management.
- Records Management.
- Digital Asset Management.

ITIS CMS Benefits:

Content Management System from ITIS would help you improve in areas related to the cost of software and support, web server and database requirements, search engine compatibility and Third party integration. Implementing content management systems can be a great driver for your business success by supporting your goals and strategies.


Content Management System benefits at ITIS are;

  • Ensured High Ranking by the different Search Engines
  • High Content Accessibility
  • Easy to Use Interface & Site Management
  • Flawless Integration with Total Brand Protection
  • Quick & High ROI with Rapid Deployment
  • Warranted Future Proof with the Latest Technology
  • Round the Clock Security
  • Compliant to All Technical Standards
  • Technical Support & SLA

CMS Advantages

  • Your goals and strategies.
  • Smooth authoring process.
  • Quicker turnaround time for new pages and modifications.
  • Better consistency.
  • Enhanced site navigation.
  • Augmented site flexibility.
  • Decentralized authoring support.
  • Improved security.
  • Less information duplicity.
  • Better growth potential.
  • Lower site maintenance costs.
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