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Software Applications Maintenance and Support

The overall goal?, To take you from software idea to application “runtime” as quickly as possible. We understand that you have deadlines to hit. We know what the pressure may be like. Lean on us and get it done without the headache and frustration. As the leading custom software development company, we’ll get it done right.

Use the ITIS custom software service and you will :

  • Communicate Directly – with a one or more local ITIS senior consultants, who communicate and work with you to capture your vision, requirements and the details necessary to describe the custom software development applications you want to create. In English and in real-time during your normal workday so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Gain Software Outsourcing Expertise – about how to specify software to make effective use of software outsourcing in future projects. If you prefer, work directly with our offshore outsourcing vendors.
  • Make Smart Choices – with the detailed specifications for your software application created by ITIS that enable you to get proposals from any outsourcing vendor you choose in addition to receiving a fixed-cost bid from ITIS.
  • Save Money – make effective use of our highly qualified teams of software engineers, developers and programmers around the globe. Not just low hourly rates, but a much lower total cost of engagement using the right technical skills, collaborative ability and an accurate specification for your software application.
  • Get Guaranteed Results – we manage the entire software development process using our global partners to ensure accurate communication and timely results. If anything goes wrong with your software outsourcing, ITIS will fix it. No fine print. No finger pointing. No quibbling. We go to work on our own dime to get it done right and on schedule.

ITIS has these three major phases :

Phase 1

Requirements & Business Goals

We collect and review all information relating to the goals and high-level requirements of your customized software development. We listen to your needs and document your vision, objectives and high-level requirements that are crucial to the software being developed. In addition to supporting the specification process in Phase 2, these will inform a smart development team about the goals and requirements of your software so they are encouraged to innovate beyond your specific instructions in Phase 3.

Phase 2

Software Specifications :

We define the requirements and functional specifications that enable a fixed-price bid to be created by any software development team. ITIS senior consultants document your complete software application requirements.

These documents spell out what your software will do and serves these three goals:

  1. Provides feedback to you that we both understand the issues to be solved, and the software behavior necessary to address those issues.
  2. Input for the development team to size the effort to design and implement your software application.
  3. Serves as an acceptance test and validation after the completion of the design and development of your software application.

In order to create an accurate time and cost estimate for developing your application, ITIS will work closely with a selected preferred global partner to review the software specification to ensure all information is included.

Soon after Phase 2 is complete, a proposal for the time and cost of Phase 3 will be provided by ITIS at no additional charge.

Phase 5

Managed Software Development

- With project management & oversight of a global software development team. This third phase starts when you accept a proposal from ITIS, provided soon after your approval of the Phase 2 deliverables that are then used as a Statement of Work.

- ITIS software development team will work closely with our preferred partner(s) to implement your software application and specifications created in the previous phases. ITIS will also provide frequent status updates and get your feedback as appropriate to ensure that the deliverable meets your expectations. ITIS provides the oversight needed to confirm optimum performance of your outsourcing team. We work hard to find the right custom software development company for you.

ITIS’s process for managed software development is as follows:

  1. Create a high level development schedule that contains a work break down structure
  2. Create an iterative implementation plan that embrace Agile software development principles to enhance predictability and reduce risks
  3. Continuous follow-up of work in progress to ensure quality and meeting the requirement specification.

The ITIS software development service is designed for clients that need help with specifying their customized software requirements and managing its progress to a quick and successful completion. It is perfect for companies that are outsourcing for the first time, or companies that have outsourced customized software development in the past and received less than acceptable results.

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