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Data Management

ITIS creates custom software systems to help your business manage its data efficiently. Our data management software can be built to match any platform and process any type of information.


Your company has numerous data stores that are likely processed with different applications in several departments. Accessing data in one application and sharing it with someone using a different system can be time consuming and cause problems with accuracy and synchronization. Our custom data management software is developed to integrate data across platforms, enabling your business to share, manage and synchronize all of your data. This type of application benefits our clients through:

  • Reduced maintenance overhead .
  • Cleaner data .
  • Faster processing time .

Data Warehousing

Your company's data is very valuable so it is important to insure its security. Most of the time data is either saved locally in whatever application it's currently being used in or stored away in folders in the office file cabinet. This results in data being spread across numerous locations which makes security less than ideal. Our data warehousing services create centralized databases that provide:

  • Secure access to all your data.
  • Full data backup .
  • Assurance so you can concentrate on more important tasks .

Data Conversion

Having a secure database is only the first step in data management. Once data is integrated, you must process it in a way that increases your company's productivity. Our data management software automates your business process by:

  • Eliminating the need for manual data entry .
  • Customizing reports .
  • Performing analysis .
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