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Design The new processes [ To Be ]

Scope of Work ( Detailed Activities )

Studying the current processes ( As Is )

  • Studying the existing processes that are implemented within the company includes but are not limited to:
    • Sales Order workflow.
    • Purchasing Order workflow.
    • Job / Production Order workflow.
    • Vacation approval workflow.
    • Other fragmented processes .
  • Studying the existing auxiliary resources within the company including but not limited to:
    • Software (operating systems - applications - databases – Website - programming tools - data security)
    • Hardware (servers, computers, printers, UPS ... etc.)
    • Data transfer networks (LAN, WAN ... etc.)
    • Vacation approval workflow.
    • Work environment information systems (client / server, Web, Desktop, Mainframe, etc ...)
  • Definition of problems and identification of the technology and functional gaps in the existing processes.
  • Identification of the desired objectives of the reengineering of the current operational processes (workflow) and key performance indicators for all divisions of the company.
  • The “As Is” activity will include the following departments:
    • Financial Department.
    • Sales Department.
    • Purchasing Department.
    • Inventory.
    • Factory Department.
    • Quality Department.
    • Maintenance Department .
    • Planning Department .
    • Human Resources Department.

Design the new processes [ To Be ]

  • Applying the standard measurements on the processes under studying for further evaluation and analysis.
  • Setting the characteristics of the processes that are important to the organization goals.
  • Based on the characteristics, Identification the processes that will change based on the added value they provide, their feasibility for change and have a major impact on the company operations and customer service.
  • Redesign the processes based on the characteristics that serve the organization goals.
  • Modeling the new processes using any diagramming tool of the process management tool.
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